Live Portfolio Review

We know there are a lot of questions when it comes to portfolios. How many projects? Do I need to write a case study? How much is enough? Or too much? Which projects should I leave out? What should I focus on? That’s why we love a live, in-person review - precisely so you can ask your own questions and we can give truly personal advice.

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£75 60 MIN SESSION £130 2x 60 MIN SESSION (-£20) £185 3x 60 MIN SESSION (-£40) Note: this includes our prep time and bespoke materials sent to you as follow up 🙇‍♀️

The Session

We will prepare for the session by looking at any portfolio PDF or website you send us, along with any details of the type of studios or companies you’re looking to apply to. We will shape the session to give mostly broad and universally applicable advice (so if you change your mind your hard work won't be wasted) with some time given to specifics if you know them. The more you put in, the more you get out!

Don't forget, accountability is a good thing - book a session now, as having a portfolio-ready deadline can combat the inertia that goes hand in hand with the job search 💪

We'll ask for:
  • Links to web or PDF portfolios when you book and no later than 72 hrs before your session
  • Your CV
  • Your LinkedIn profile
And optionally:
  • What’s your background - where are you coming from?
  • Are there any studios/companies you’re thinking of applying to/have applied to?
  • Do you have any job specs of positions you’re thinking of applying for/have applied for?
  • Have you done any design challenges, and what were your outputs for those?
  • Have you had any interviews or any feedback from previous applications / current role?
  • Anything you’re working to develop and would like feedback from us on?
  • Anything else you’d like us to know!
We'll give you:
  • An actionable list of things to consider
  • Insight into the way different companies will view your work
  • A way to prioritise your projects
  • A greater understanding of criteria for deciding on portfolio content
  • A personalised list of useful research links according to your individual goals
Book a review

Our promise:

  1. We'll be honest. We'll address both the things that work (pluses) and things that could be better (deltas) in your portfolio, in a straightforward manner.
  2. We'll explain. If a technique is not working well we'll offer suggestions for learning or improvement.
  3. We won’t argue. The review is designed for you to get an honest evaluation of your work. We won't get into a debate about techniques or theory.
  4. We'll understand the level of your portfolio. Whether a student, mid-level career designer or someone with years in the business, we'll tailor our comments to your individual circumstances.
  5. We'll provide resources. After the review we'll give you a reading list, online community, training information, or all of the above - whatever will help you achieve your goals.
  6. We'll ask you for your thoughts. Gathering feedback regularly is the best way for us to stay fresh and maintain perspective on the review process we offer.

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