Design is a team sport - even when it comes to job applications.

A graduation 🎓, a career change 🖍, a global pandemic 🦠 - many things can necessitate a job search. Whether you’re a shiny new designer, have a few years under your belt, or are looking for a change in role - an impartial chat can clear the fog and help set you on your way. We provide hour-long 1:1s via Zoom, where we get to know you and you get to talk about what’s on your mind.


👀 Live Portfolio Review

From £75 60 MIN SESSION Note: this includes our prep time and bespoke materials sent to you as follow up 🙇‍♀️

We know there are a lot of questions when it comes to portfolios. How many projects? Do I need to write a case study? How much is enough? Or too much? Which projects should I leave out? What should I focus on? That’s why we love a live, in-person review - precisely so you can ask your own questions and we can give truly personal advice.

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🏢 Office Hours

£30 for 30 MINS, £55 for 60 MINS

We know that this kind of support may be out of reach for some, and believe that everyone should have access to the resources and guidance they need. When teaching in the past we’ve run Office Hours - a period of time where students can sign up for a chat about anything that’s on their mind. So we’ve decided to run a day of reduced cost Office Hours on the first Tuesday of every month, where you’re welcome to come and chat to us about any topic on which you think you’d benefit from coaching or advice. From career changes to personal projects, we’re all ears.

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🤓 Interview Coaching 101

Currently in development!

We know that selling is not everyone's bag, and selling yourself is certainly something very few people are comfortable with. Whether you're a newly minted designer or a seasoned pro moving roles, spending time sprucing up your interview techniques is an investment worth making. Interview Coaching 101 will give you the confidence to know you're already laid the groundwork and can take on any interview that comes your way.

🏄‍♀️ Design Career Coaching

Currently in development!

There are times when we all feel something needs to change - whether you’re disillusioned with your current career path, trying to level-up in your role, or thinking of a sideways transition - having a conversation with an experienced third party can be cathartic and clarifying.

Our coaching is effective because it is objective focussed, and empowers you to find your own answers. We understand that people's lives are busy - with an empathetic and experienced coach to drill into ideas with, this coaching will give you a sense of accountability and therefore permission to spend time on yourself. This will help you foster an achievement habit and structured systems for your continuous growth.

💬 That's what they said...

"I found the workshop with Clementine and Sinem friendly, insightful and constructive. Their feedback was very tailored, helping me understand where my strengths lie, and how I could leverage them to put myself in the best possible position when applying for jobs. It’s always great when you know advice offered is based on extensive personal experience 👍" - B. Olley, 2020